What Are Mega Blueberries?

If you are looking to grow your own blueberry plants then mega blueberries may be the right choice for you. Blueberry Giant was the first company to offer blueberry plants for purchase online at their incredibly low price but unfortunately their popularity has caused them to sell out at times and at other times take quite a while for shipment.

As an alternative we invite you to consider the mega blueberry plants.  These little plants are almost exactly the same as the little giant blueberry plants, in fact, so similar that they are essentially a copy cat of the original. A copy cat in that they can produce a ton of blueberries but also in the fact that they are dirt cheap. Normally these plants are sold at a cost of $15 for two plants but right now you can get 3 mega blueberry plants for just $15 + shipping and handling. The first two plants cost $15 + $7.95 S&H and the additional plant costs just $4.95 for the S&H. Go ahead and check it out and you could be enjoying your own mega blueberries before you know it.

The company behind these mega blueberries claims that their plants can produce up to $200 worth of blueberries each season. It is important to note however that this will not happen in the plants first season and probably not in it’s second season either. The mega blueberry plants that are shipped to you will be quite small and lack maturity. Each year your crop of blueberries will get successively larger until probably the 3rd year when your blueberry plant reaches maturity.

For more information you can watch the mega blueberries video provided or check out the mega blueberries FAQ page that we have put together or just head straight over to the official mega blueberry site.