What Are Little Giant Blueberries?

The name little giant blueberries technically refers to exactly what is says ‘giant blueberries’ but the focus here isn’t actually on the blueberries themselves but rather the little giant blueberry plants and their grower/manufacturer, Blueberry Giant.

Blueberry Giant has offered these little giant blueberry plants to the public during blueberry season for three consecutive years through their website and they have been a big hit. The company states that their blueberry plants are special and that they grow much easier than regular blueberry plants. They also say that their plants produce blueberries that are larger than normal ones. In their commercial they also state that their little giant blueberry plants can produce enough blueberrys to last you through the whole blueberry season with a maximum of 4 pints of blueberries each day and 20 bowls full per week.

Normally you can get 2 little giant blueberry plants for $10 + shipping and handling but right now blueberry giant is running a special where you get an extra blueberry plant for free, just pay extra shipping and handling. That means that you can get 3 blueberry plants for $10 + shipping and handling. When I made my order the total including all shipping costs was just $26.90 for 3 blueberry plants.

Blueberries can get expensive at the grocery store and growing your own blueberries allows you to save a lot of money. Besides that is the fact that with your own blueberry plants you are guaranteed the freshest blueberries since you can eat them straight off the vine. Finally, having your own blueberry plants guarantees that you are getting blueberries that are free of pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals that commercial farms may use.

Regardless of where you choose to get your blueberry plants it is highly highly recommend that you begin enjoying the benefits of growing your own blueberries!

For more information you can visit our little giant blueberry FAQ page where we go into more detail about the little giant blueberry plants by answering some of the most common questions regarding them. If you are not sold yet we also encourage you to check out some of the noted health benefits of blueberries or watch the little giant blueberries video.